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Top-Line Management SystemTM
Valuable Resources for
Learning, Implementing, & Using TLM
Worksheets, resources, and recorded webinars are described below.

Additional worksheets are described following the Free Tools form.

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The Top-Line Management System helps companies measure and improve company output, efficiency, and profitability. Fast-Forward offers numerous resources to help you understand, learn, and implement TLM. Start by submitting the form above to receive our FREE tools and resources:

  • TLM Chart of Accounts (for configuring your books)
  • TLM Sales Manager (a worksheet to help you develop a TLM sales plan)
  • TLM Pipeline Manager (a worksheet to help manage production activity & resource allocation)
Additional TLM worksheets & other TLM resources are offered below. Thanks for your interest!

TLM Webinars on CD
Two one-hour webinars are available to help you better appreciate how the TLM System helps integration companies manage & improve productivity…
1) Key Numbers The “Key Metrics for Success” webinar covers many of the key numbers an integration company needs to manage. The feedback from the webinar has been fantastic and I think it would be a great resource for you, too. It’s a WMV recording so you’ll see every slide and hear the whole narrative, and includes the slide handout so you can print out the presentation, too (handy for note-taking). Just $14.97 including S&H. Order via PayPal.
2) Counting Mistakes A second webinar covers the “3 BIG Counting Mistakes” integrators make - & how to fix them. This will help you understand some basic bookkeeping issues that confound the ability of many integrators to see their numbers correctly. Also $14.97 including S&H. Order via PayPal.
“Two-fer” special - Get both webinars on CD for just $22.97. Order via PayPal.


TLM Bookkeeping Essentials for Integrators

Six essential “how to” documents for kick-starting your conversion to the TLM System:

  • Getting Started with TLM
  • MASTER Chart of Accounts (upload directly to QuickBooks)
  • Item Classification Guidelines
  • Request for Payment procedure
  • Monthly Adjust of Customer Credit Balances
  • TLM Transaction Process Outline
These six documents will form the backbone of your TLM procedures manual. Only $25.97. Click here to order and we will e-mail you the files right away!


TLM Productivity Manager Worksheet
The power of monthly planning for your entire annual operating budget is provided by the Productivity Manager Worksheet. The worksheet easily reconfigures your company P&L to TLM format, and even provides an instant TLM Metrics Analysis, which helps you see precisely which areas of your company's productivity could be improved.
Like the Top-Line Manager Worksheet, Productivity Manager also includes Fast-Forward's informative Labor Efficiency Analysis. But it goes on to provide a remarkable one-page dashboard for you to see the profit effect of projected monthly sales, Gross Margin targets, compensation expenses, and every other key operating variable. Once you have entered your assumptions for these variables, the worksheet produces a 12-month proforma P&L.
For monthly review, actual results vs plan are summarized on a one-page Executive Summary Report. The month-by-month P&L for the entire year prints on two pages, for easy distribution to company stakeholders.
You can purchase the worksheet using the PayPal button below.

Only $197

TLM Financial Manager Worksheet & Support Package
The most comprehensive TLM worksheet provides productivity planning and analysis across the full spectrum of TLM disciplines: sales and profit management, cost efficiencies, resource management, and cash flow. It is a highly-refined version of the original management worksheet developed by Steve Firszt over 20 years ago.
One of the innovative features of TLM Financial Manager is the EZ Look “dashboard” that brings all key variables and outcomes onto one page for easy manipulation and comparison of various productivity scenarios. Look at a sample of the dashboard here. 
Financial Manager is offered only with a four-hour support package, to ensure the planning concepts and techniques it enables are properly implemented. This worksheet will bring you the full power of TLM, and fully illuminate your company’s path to productivity, profits, and cash flow.
You can purchase the worksheet & support package using the PayPal button below.

$1097 including support package

TLM Financial Plan (same as the Fortune Teller IV package described on previous page)
Fast-Forward will deliver your company’s complete Financial Plan for the coming 12 months, with monthly projections of sales & Gross Profit, operating costs, account balances, and cash flow. Plan development includes a thorough analysis of past financial reports and one-on-one discussions with the company owner(s) about key assumptions, company goals, and fiscal and market realities. The completed Financial Manager Worksheet includes a seven-page printout of lender-/investor-grade proforma financial statements, along with a summary of the key productivity strategies assumed by the plan. The ultimate TLM planning & productivity management resource.
Purchase a complete month-by-month TLM Financial Plan for your company using the PayPal button below.